Turkey Chicks and Poults

Organic rare breed turkey chicks and poults

turkey poults hatching
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Turkey Poults and Chicks

We have a flock of fully organic traditional turkeys at Rutland Organics. The turkeys are certified to Soil Association Organic standards. All our turkeys are bred naturally without the use of artificial insemination.

Traditional Turkey conformation and taste

More and more people are becoming aware of the superior taste, moist meat, texture and flavour of the old fashioned and rare breed turkeys. For more information about our turkeys - expected finished weights etc please see the turkey breeding page.

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Availability of Turkey Chicks and Poults 2021

We will be hatching around 500 turkey poults every week during May and June, although it is possible to hatch up to 800 at a time to order. The chicks can be supplied as day olds or we may have a limited number of off-heat birds at six weeks old. We do not sex our birds. Delivery may be arranged and cost depends on distance, size of order and any other delivery we can arrange in your area at the same time.

Day old poults may be delivered in May and June, 6 week old poults in June, July and August. Breeding trios and pairs are sold at the end of May.

Some of you may think May or June is too early to take day-olds, but we find these birds finish better and pluck more easily and weigh more than July chicks when reared under organic/free range conditions.

Turkeys only hatched to order

Cambridge Bronze turkey poults hatching

We will be hatching to order and will have very few "on spec" birds available - it is too expensive to hatch and rear birds 'without a home to go to'! Please place your orders early.

We can supply day old chicks and may have a small number of six week old poults off heat and onto grower pellets. We do not sex our birds.

Turkey chick rearing guide

We offer a guide to rearing turkeys from day olds based on our experiences - available free on request to producers purchasing our day-old turkey chicks.

Deliveries (day old turkeys and poults)

We may deliver to some areas of England.

We plan our deliveries around large orders of day old chicks. Smaller orders are accommodated if they are in the same area. Legally, organic birds have to be delivered within 8 hours of loading up from our farm. We make a charge for delivery to cover our costs and divide by the number of customers, mileage and order size.

Eggs by post or collected

For those of you where delivery of birds is difficult or practically impossible we do send hatching eggs through the post. These are usually in small numbers and there are postage costs to consider. Eggs can be collected from the farm, or sent by post. Eggs going by mail are posted from Monday to Wednesday to avoid them being stuck in the post office over the weekend. They will have been washed in egg wash and candled before packing in poly boxes and sending by guaranteed next day delivery. There are no guarantees on fertility/hatchability.

For prices of chicks/poults and hatching eggs please see Price List page.

If you would like more information or to make an order please contact us by email or call 01780 722009 to discuss.