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Organic free range heritage turkey for Christmas

organic heritage turkeys
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Free Range Christmas Heritage Turkeys

Based in Rutland, Rutland Organics produces traditional free range organic turkeys for Christmas. Grandly referred to as Heritage turkey by some people, our organic turkeys are rare breed turkeys at their best.

Rutland Organics organic turkey brings you a taste of the past. Turkey that tastes of turkey and stays moist and succulent during cooking. Our slowly grown rare breed turkeys raised under strict organic conditions ensure your Christmas meal will be one to remember.

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Traceability and high welfare standards

Our turkeys are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Organic Poultry Breeders Association logo

We are also a member of the Organic Poultry Breeders Association, our turkeys mate naturally, without the use of artificial insemination.

Eggs from our flock of organic breeding turkeys are hatched on the farm. Turkey chicks are reared free-range on organic pasture. We only feed non-GM organic feed including our organic cereals to our turkeys. Our Christmas organic turkeys only leave the farm oven-ready.

Turkey breeding

We have a breeding flock of organic turkeys, Norfolk Black, traditional Cambridge Bronze, Bourbon Red and Narragansett. We produce turkey hatching eggs, turkey poults (day old and off-heat) and our organic Christmas turkeys.

Turkey Management

Our turkey poults are reared slowly on a cereal-based diet (they are usually hatched in May).

young turkeys
Turkeys roaming

Once they are old enough, the young turkeys range on our organic pasture during daytime. They spend the majority of their life outside.

Traditional Rare Breed Organic Turkeys for Christmas

The variety of rare, heritage breed turkeys we keep (Norfolk Black, traditional Cambridge Bronze, Bourbon Red, Narragansett and the odd Slate Blue) enables us to produce our Christmas organic turkey in a range of sizes from 22lbs+ down to around 8lbs (10kg - 4kg approx) dressed weight. The weight of our Christmas turkeys is largely governed by breed and gender, so we are unable to guarantee a particular size will be a specific colour or gender.

turkeys finishing on grass
Turkeys outside

Order Your Christmas Turkeys

We have very high turkey welfare standards. Our organic free range Christmas Heritage turkeys are all individually slaughtered on the farm to minimize stress, then dry plucked and finished by hand. We hang the turkeys for 2-3 weeks to develop tenderness and flavour before dressing to produce oven-ready turkeys, all sold with giblets.

Rutland Organic Heritage turkeys are sold whole, oven-ready, with giblets. We may have a limited number of organic turkey crowns.

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