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Rare breed organic pork from happy pigs

broadband and piglets
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Cuckoo Farm Pigs

Pig production at Cuckoo Farm has stepped up a notch in recent years. All our pigs are now fully organic and we breed and rear our own stock. They all live outside with well-bedded pig arks for shelter.

Pig Management

Our Saddleback sows, Broadband and Dialup live alongside Walter, our stock boar, meaning all breeding is natural, eliminating the need for AI (artificial insemination).

newborn piglets
weaners and Broadband
Broadband just before weaning
Walter the boar

We move the pigs round their paddock, ensuring they have access to fresh ground. While they are dry, the sows may share an ark, but when they are near to farrowing, they move to a new paddock with their own farrowing ark.

When the farrowing is close, we put down a fender round the ark to stop the newborn piglets wandering off. After a couple of weeks this is flipped up and the piglets can run around their pen with their mother and start to eat from the trough with her too.

Piglets are not weaned until they are at least 8 weeks old, which is much older than in non-organic herds (weaning at 3 weeks is quite common).

Weaner Management

After weaning the weaners generally move to a fresh paddock with their own ark. They grow on, doing what pigs do, rooting, eating, wallowing, occasionally escaping if the electric fence gets covered in soil when they root near it and generally living the life of riley.

When the time comes, they are taken to a small local butcher and then return for Roland to process into our delicious pork, bacon, ham or sausages.

Pork and Sausages etc

pork with crackling
Pork shoulder with crackling

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On the other hand if you are staying on the farm at the campsite, you can be first in the queue for pork, sausages/burgers and bacon at the shop! If there is any left!!