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cuckoo farm in autumn
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Here at Cuckoo Farm, we are licensed by the Soil Association to produce lamb, pork and organic venison. We are no longer producing organic turkeys or cockerels for Christmas. We are not permitted to market our lamb and pork as fully organic because the local abattoir we used has not renewed its organic certification.

All our stock is managed to organic principles and welfare is of great importance to us. We use organic certified feed.

Our herd of Fallow deer and the sheep graze our clover-rich organic meadows. The pigs forage in the woods.

If you would like to go on our email list to know when we have meat available, please sign up (on the cuckoo farm website) or use the contact form.

Cuckoo Farm Camping

Cuckoo Farm campsite

Stay on our organic, family-run farm. The dedicated family-friendly campsite gives you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Relax on the farm or explore the local area. See for availability and further details. Look out for our Valais Blacknose sheep!

Valais Blacknose Sheep
Seriously cute sheep!
organic free-range eggs
How do you like your eggs?
shower block
Showers, toilets, washing up

Organic Chicken and Eggs

We may rear a small number of organic chickens for sale in the campsite shop. (Open Saturdays when the campsite is open April - September). The chickens are housed in mobile huts and range our organic pastures. They are fed an organic cereal based diet free of antibiotics and growth promoters.

Our small flock of laying hens produce our naturally dark-yellow-yolked organic free range eggs, sold in the shop or locally.

Chickens and cockerels
Chickens and cockerels
hens having a drink
Thirsty work producing eggs!

Cuckoo Farm Venison

Fallow deer
Our herd of Fallow deer

Our herd of Fallow deer grazes with the poultry. The deer are fed our organic oats and hay when necessary.

We sell boxes and joints of organic venison, fresh in season or frozen at other times subject to availability. See Cuckoo Farm Venison page for details.

Cuckoo Farm Lamb and Pork

Recently, our local Organic Approved abattoir did not renew its Organic certification. We faced having to transport stock 95 miles to the nearest SA Approved facility. This is simply not economically viable and goes against our principles to minimise stress. Our animals are now slaughtered locally one day and collected from the abattoir the next to hang in our cold room before butchering on farm after the hanging process. Despite remaining certified Organic on the farm, we are no longer permitted to market our lamb and pork as organic because slaughter is not carried out in an Organic-Approved abattoir.

Cuckoo Farm Lamb

Easy care ewes
Easycare ewes grazing

We have a flock of Easycare sheep and we manage our lamb to Soil Association organic standards. We lamb in the spring and the sheep graze our clover-rich organic pasture.

We sell boxes and joints of lamb. See Easycare Sheep page for more about our sheep.

Pigs at Cuckoo Farm

weaner pigs
Broadband and Co

We now have two breeding sows. See the pig page for more.