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The Cuckoo Farm sheep flock started small, with a few Easycare ewes and a ram. Since then, the flock has grown and we started selling our lamb, hogget and mutton meat boxes.

Difference between lamb, hogget and mutton

Lamb is generally less than a year old - usually 4 - 8 months.

Hogget is last year's lamb, 12 months to 2 years old. It has a stronger flavour than lamb, but is still tender.

Mutton, has suffered from a negative image, but recently has undergone a bit of a renaissance. It is darker in colour, stronger in flavour and lends itself to long slow cooking. Mutton is usually from sheep that are 2 - 4 years old, may be a little fatter than lamb, but cannot be beaten for flavour.

Our mutton may be available in the autumn. As sheep mature they become mutton, a word that has suffered from a negative PR image. Our mutton is between 2 and 4 years old, and in good condition but not able to be kept for breeding. Any older breeding ewes or rams at the end of their productive life go to Melton Market. The mutton will be hung for at least 2 weeks and the result is a juicy, well-flavoured meat, firm but not tough. See for recipes. We tried one ourselves and were pleased with it.

lambs hanging in the coldroom
Lamb carcases for butchering
Half mutton box
Half box of mutton

Meat Boxes and DIY butchering lamb

We sell whole and half lamb and hogget boxes and may have mutton occasionally in the autumn.

We can supply a lamb carcase for a budding DIY butcher, but only by arrangement and collected from the farm.

Weights are around 18kg for a whole lamb and 9kg for a half(approx).

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