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Cuckoo Farm Venison

Our herd of Fallow deer grazes with the poultry on 25 acres of organic clover rich pasture. We are licensed by the Soil Association to produce organic venison.

Fawns are born in May or June but we often miss seeing them hiding in the long grass.

High welfare and quality

We have a "hands off" handling policy, the deer are wild. They stay outside all year round.

In the winter the herds' grazing is supplemented with our home grown organic oats and hay or silage.

The deer are quite mischievous (at full moon and other times!) and can be destructive (during the rutt and when they are losing their antlers). They have been known to open taps and valves, chew string, damage the poultry huts by rubbing and on occasions carry a memento of their exploits with them for some weeks! One managed to carry a brass tap on his antlers until the string disintegrated and it dropped off!

fallow buck
Fallow buck plus!
fallow deer
Buck watching
feeding the deer
Oats for breakfast!


We only sell fresh venison in season, but may have frozen joints/casserole at other times of year.

We usually take out the prickets at around 18 months old for our venison. This is an ideal age for tender, quality venison. They are shot by a trained marksman to minimise stress, and gralloched, hung and processed on the farm. Hanging in the coldroom for 2-3 weeks develops flavour and tenderness before butchering.

Venison Boxes and DIY butchering

We sell quarter, half and whole venison in boxes containing joints, chops, steaks, casserole and mince. Generally, venison boxes are collected but we can send a box to you by courier.(Packing and courier cost is £20/20kg)

We occasionally have whole deer hung in the skin for budding DIY butchers to skin and cut up. These are only sold collected from the farm.

When the campsite is open, our venison burgers may be available. Definitely worth getting them on the barbie!

venison half box
Organic Venison

Box contents may differ - half box shown

Venison Box weights (Approx)

  • Whole box - 18kg
  • Half box - 9kg
  • Quarter box - 4.5kg

Prices and Ordering Details

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