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Ordering for Christmas

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Christmas 2018

Christmas Order Collections 2018

We are looking forward to seeing customers to collect their Christmas orders on Saturday 22nd December between 9am and 4pm at the farm.

We expect the weather to be reasonable but please drive slowly down the drive as you may meet something coming the other way.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2019.

We produce Christmas turkeys, cockerels, venison, lamb at Cuckoo Farm. This year our geese have been reared free range for us by a local farmer. At Christmas our birds are dry plucked and finished by hand, before hanging to improve flavour and tenderness. The deer are shot, hung and butchered on the farm. Lambs go to a small local abattoir.

All our birds are sold oven ready.

Christmas Prices 2018

Once we have received your order request we will review this and send you an order confirmation email. Please refer to this for details on exactly how much to pay and how to make payment. For customers collecting from Cuckoo Farm a 30 deposit is required. Courier customers will need to pay the amount in full. Please don't make a payment until you have received your order confirmation!

Prices 2018

Christmas Poultry Prices Price per kg
Organic Turkey w/giblets £16.50/kg SOLD OUT
Organic Cockerel w/giblets £11.50/kg SOLD OUT
Free Range Goose w/giblets SOLD OUT
Organic Venison 2018
Whole Venison DIY £210 SOLD OUT
Whole Venison Box £250 SOLD OUT
Half Venison Box £130 SOLD OUT
Quarter Venison Box £70 SOLD OUT
Half Venison Saddle w/fillet SOLD OUT
Whole Venison Saddle w/fillet £24.00/kg SOLD OUT
Half Venison Saddle no fillet £23.00/kg SOLD OUT
Whole Venison Haunch £23.00/kg SOLD OUT
Organic Hogget
Whole Hogget DIY SOLD OUT
Whole Hogget Box SOLD OUT
Half Hogget Box £75 SOLD OUT
Quarter Hogget Box £38 SOLD OUT
Whole Hogget Leg £15.00/kg SOLD OUT
Whole Hogget Shoulder £13.00/kg SOLD OUT
Organic Lamb sold out for Christmas available in the New Year
Whole Lamb DIY £102
Whole Lamb Box £125
Half Lamb Box £65
Quarter Lamb Box £35
Whole Leg of Lamb £15.00/kg
Whole Shoulder of Lamb £13.00/kg

See below for guidance on what size to order


Order Information

Deposit for Collected Orders

Collection is on Saturday 22nd December between 9am and 4pm.

If you are collecting from the farm you will need to pay a 30.00 deposit for each item.

Mail Order/Courier Deliveries

All parcels will be delivered on Friday 21st December.

You will need to pay for your order in full plus a payment to cover the costs of the courier and packaging.

If you require a courier then please ensure you provide delivery details and any specific delivery instructions, please also include a mobile number in your order form!

To order

Access our online order form here


Please refer to the information below to help you decide on the size of bird you need.

This is a guide only: A lot depends on appetites, vegetables etc and if you want leftovers!!! We try to give you a bird within 2lbs. (1 kilogram plus or minus) of your requested weight. We will only charge you for up to 1kg above your requested weight.

All our turkeys will fit in a standard oven.

Bird weight No. of people to feed
Organic Christmas Turkey < 8lbs (<3.5kg) up to 3 people
Organic Christmas Turkey 8-10lbs (3.5-4.5kg) up to 4 people
Organic Christmas Turkey 10-12lbs (4.5-5.5kg)

up to 6 people


Organic Christmas Turkey 12-14lbs (5.5-6.5kg)

up to 7 people


Organic Christmas Turkey 14-16lbs (6.5-7.5kg) up to 8 people
Organic Christmas Turkey 16 - 18lbs (7.5-8.5kg) up to 9 people
Organic Christmas Turkey 18-22lbs(8.5-9.5kg) 10 + people

Please see the organic heritage turkey page for more details on how we rear our birds.


Our cockerels are usually between 6 and 12lbs in weight. (In 2015 weights varied between 10lb and 16lb, in 2016 they were 8lbs - 12.5lbs) The information below is for guidance.

Bird weight No. of people to feed
Organic Christmas Cockerel 6 - 8lbs up to 4 people
Organic Christmas Cockerel 8 - 10lbs up to 6
Organic Christmas Cockerel 10 - 12lbs + up to 8

More details of how our cockerels are reared can be found on the poultry page.


This year our geese are being reared free range for us by a local farmer.

Bird weight No. of people to feed
Free range Christmas Goose 8lb - 10lbs 6 people
(no leftovers) 10 - 13lbs 8 people



The information below is a guide to the number a saddle of venison will feed.

Organic Venison saddle whole including fillet - bone-in 8 - 10 people
Organic Venison Half saddle with or without fillet - bone-in 4 - 5 people

Please see the venison page for more about our herd of Fallow deer.

How to Order

Access our online order form here